Schedule of Fees

Services Preformed


Stage 1: Pre-Lien Letter

    • Obtain and review current title information
    • Review governing documents and collection policy
    • Computation of charges in accordance with Civil Code
    • Computation of interest and late fees, in accordance with Civil Code

(Costs to be estimated at $50.00 for mailings)


$ 250.00 + costs

Stage 2: Lien Recording

    • Prepare Notice of Delinquent Assessment Lien
    • Record Lien
    • Mail Lien to owner(s) in accordance with Civil Code

(Costs to be estimated at $290.00* for mailings & recordings)


$ 350.00 + costs

Stage 3: Notice of Default

    • Prepare Notice of Default
    • Bankruptcy Verification
    • Record Notice of Default
    • Mailings as required by Civil Code
    • Personally serve owner Decision to Foreclose and Notice of Default
    • Obtain Trustee’s Sale Guarantee (TSG) from title insurance company


(Costs to be estimated at $900.00* for mailings, recordings & TSG)


$ 350.00 + costs

Stage 4: Notice of Sale

    • Title Review
    • Prepare Notice of Sale
    • Mailings as required Civil Code
    • Publish Notice of Sale
    • Post Notice at property
    • Conduct Trustee’s Sale
    • Prepare and Record Certificate of Sale
    • Prepare and Record Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale

(Costs to be estimated at $2,225.00* for mailings, recordings & publishing)


$ 125.00 + costs

Additional Services Available

  • Small Claims Filing (prepare, file and monitor case)
  • Database Search/Skip Trace
  • Payment Plan preparation fee
  • Payment Plan Monitoring/processing fee (per each six months)
  • Payment Plan Default Letter (breach letter)
  • Payment Plan void processing fee
  • Partial payment processing fee
  • Escrow Demand Fee
  • Basic Bankruptcy Information
  • Bankruptcy Monitoring


$ 300.00

$ 25.00

$ 100.00

$ 350.00

$ 25.00

$ 50.00

$  25.00

$ 150.00

no charge

$ 200.00 


Senior Wipeout Cancellation Fee



$ 250.00 + costs

The above costs are estimates and will be adjusted upon receipt of invoices from our vendors. Any and all fees and costs incurred by SBS Lien Services will be the responsibility of the Association should the collection action result in a completed foreclosure on behalf of the Association or if a Senior Lien holder extinguishes the Association's Lien via a Trustee's Sale or other judicial or non-judicial action.

*Each document submitted to the county recorder’s office for recording will be charged $75.00 pursuant to Government Code Section 27388.1 Each file will be charged a onetime $60.00 online service provider cost and a $25.00 set up fee