Payment Plan

Procedure for Requesting a Payment Plan

  • All requests must be submitted in writing
  • Length of payment plan monitored by S.B.S. will not exceed 36 months
  • $100.00 will be charged for the initial set up & preparation of the plan
    • 0-6 months $350.00*
    • $350.00 will be added to the balance for each additional six month term*
    • Breach of payment plan $25.00
  • The terms of the plan must be stated in your request:
    • Include the amount being paid towards the delinquent balance and the amount to be paid towards the current dues
    • Date the payments are to be made

Please be advised that your payment plan needs to be approved by the HOA. S.B.S. has no control over their decision. S.B.S. will respond to your request upon receipt of a decision from the HOA.

S.B.S. accepts cashier’s checks or money orders as a form of payment.

Please submit your payment plan request to:
Via fax:  818-827-5148
Via email:

Should your payment plan be approved the HOA reserves the right to record a lien at an additional cost to you.

*A $150.00 payment plan re-activation fee may apply in the event of a payment plan reinstatement due to a default.